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Plein Air Painters of Idaho (PAPI) is a group of artists
dedicated to the advancement of on-location painting in Idaho.

The Idaho landscape is unique in majesty and rich variety. Idaho's rugged peaks,
pristine lakes, vast canyons, raging rivers and flowing grasslands beckon artists of all abilities.

Plein air painters paint on location, from life, to interpret, preserve and share the wonder
of a single moment. PAPI members encourage and promote plein air painting as a unique form
of artistic expression. Through the fellowship of professional and amateur artists alike,
members are encouraged to share ideas, enthusiasm and experience with each other
and with all those who appreciate great art.

Get to know our members. Learn more about PAPI paint-outs,
workshops and events
. View photos or visit related website links.
Contact us to find out more or to join The Plein Air Painters of Idaho.